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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit



I majored in Mongolian studies for a BA and MA (Inner Mongolia University) and Religious Studies for a PhD (SOAS, University of London).  My MA thesis studies Horchin Mongolian Heroic Epics. My PhD thesis examines the Indigenous dimensions of Mongolian Buddhism.

Recently I have completed a British Academy the The BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants project “Becoming Shamans to be healed” that investigated the reason for proliferation of Horchin Mongolian shamanism within the context of current socio-economic and cultural changes in Inner Mongolia China.  

I have just started working on the AHRC funded research project “Mongolian Cosmopolitical Heritage: Tracing Divergent Healing Practices across the Chinese-Mongolian Border” based at Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge.


My research interests range from Mongolian Buddhism, Shamanism, popular religions, to folklore and literature. Currently, my research focuses on integration and divergence of Inner Mongolian religious practices in the new era.


Key publications: 

2020.    ‘Didactic Poetry of Mergen Gegeen’ in Wallace, V. (ed)  Sources of Mongolian Buddhism “Ritual Texts of Mergen Gegeen” in Wallace, V. (ed) Sources of Mongolian Buddhism. University of Oxford Press.

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2018.      ‘A Marker for Identity and Milepost for Ancestral Land’ in On Grassland Culture Vol. 14. Inner Mongolia Education Press (in Chinese). 

2017.    ‘Buddhist Language of Horchin Mongols and Their Cultural Mentality’. Journal of Inner Mongolia University. Vol.1. (in Mongolian).

2017.    ‘Neici Toyin: From “Boġda Lama” to “the Boġda Lama of the Ten Horchin Banners”. Mongolian Studies of China, Vol.3. (in Mongolian).

2016     ‘Anxiety about Ethnic Culture and Undermining the Development of Language Ability:with a focus on the Primary School Mongolian Language Textbook’ in Lianqun Bao(ed.)Contemporary Chinese Language Policy and Language Heritage. Vol.3. Japan: Sanyuan Publishing House.  

2016.    ‘Wish-fulfilment: Tradition, Faith and Tourism: Contemporary Mongolian Pilgrimage to Wutaishan. In Miaojiang, Jinhua Chen and Kuanguang ed. One Mountain with Five Peaks:  Studies of Wutaishan faith in multi-disciplinary, cross-regional, and cross-cultural perspectivesTaipei:  Xinwenfeng Publishing Company. (in Chinese).

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2010.     ‘Disappearing Horchin Mongolian Folk Narrative Songs’. Dspace Cambridge)

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1988b.   'A study on East Mongolian heroic epics'. Studies of National Literature, issue 3. (in Chinese).

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Teaching and Supervisions


I have taught Mongolian (both Mongol script and Cyrillic) as a foreign language since 1984.

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