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Chab rom phug is a hermitage established by bTsun pa Chos legs as one of his retreat places. According to sources, it is situated near the village of Rud, further south of Kun gsal sGang po che, but its actual location has not been found yet. Texts printed there seem to be mostly associated with the bo dong pa tradition. Chos dbang rgyal mtshan, who was a close disciple of bTsun pa Chos legs, also moved there in 1511.

Below, identified xylographs produced at Chab rom phug are listed and information on dating, literary genre and religious school with which they are associated is provided:

  1. Phyag rgya chen po’i khrid yig bzhugs // skal bzang gso ba’i bdud rtsi snying po bcud bsdus (1515, Mahāmudrā instructions, bo dong pa);
  2. dPal ldan bla ma dam pa chos legs mtshan can gyi rnam thar yon tan ’brug sgra (1525, biography, bo dong pa).