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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit


To mark his continuing inspiration to the work of the Mongolia and Inner Studies Unit, the Executive Committee of the MIASU has created a prize in the memory of Urunge Onon, who co-founded the Unit with Professor Caroline Humphrey in 1986. At the 'MIASU @ 30' anniversary celebration event in October 2016, the first 'Onon Prize' was presented by Dr Temujin Onon to Professor Roberte Hamayon (Paris) for her contribution to Mongolian Studies,  The occasion was also used to pay tribute to Urgunge who died at the age of 96 in December 2015.



Second Onon Prize Awarded to Professor Charles Ramble 

On 5 December 2018, at the 'Cambridge Mongolia Seminar' event, Professor Caroline Humphrey, on behalf of the MIASU, presented the second Onon Prize to Professor Charles Ramble for his outstanding contributions to Inner Asian Studies.



Third Onon Prize awarded to Professor Christopher Atwood

The third Onon Prize, for 2020, was awarded to Professor Christopher Atwood, for his outstanding contributions to Inner Asian Studies.

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