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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit


The Main Establishments

Tamshing Lhundrub Choling, Bumthang, Bhutan

Lhendup Choling in Tamzhing, the main seat of Pema Lingpa

Founded by Pema Lingpa in 1501 and finished and consecrated in 1505, Tamshing Lhundrup Choling was the primary seat of Pema Lingpa, his tradition and family until late 17th century.

Lhalung Thegchogling in Tibet

Lhalung was initially the base of Pema Lingpa’s secular patrons. It became the main centre of Pema Lingpa tradition after the establishment of the Thegchog Ragyeling monastery in 1672 by the 4th Thugse Rinpoche with the support of the 5th Dalai Lama.

Gangteng Sa-ngag Choling, Bhutan

Founded in 1613 by Pema Thinley, the grandson of Pema Lingpa, this centre became the most important Nyingma establishment in western Bhutan.

Prakhar Nagtshang

Located in the Chumey valley, Prakhar is the home of the descendants of the first Thugse Dawa Gyeltshen. It was most likely founded by him in the 16th century.