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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit


The teachings of the Pema Lingpa tradition consist of the rediscovered treasures, his own compositions and the writings by his followers. The first two were compiled into a collection by Pema Lingpa’s son Dawa Gyaltshen in the 16th century and, since then, many versions of manuscript collections were produced throughout the centuries. In 1956, Dudjom Rinpoche supervised the creation of the latest corpus of teachings connected to the Pema Lingpa tradition. Using the 21 volumes compiled by Dudjom Rinpoche as the base, the project has carried out an extensive work to expand the collection by including hitherto inaccessible manuscripts and blockprints of texts belonging to the Pema Lingpa tradition.

The textual corpus compiled as an outcome of the project include:

– Images of manuscripts and block prints

– Catalogue accompanying the images

– Searchable texts of the entire corpus connected to Pema Lingpa’s teachings