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  The line starting from Pema Lingpa
ps01-pema-lingpa-from-bonbjilr Pema Lingpa (1450-1521). Pema Lingpa was born above Chel village in Tang valley of Bumthang. He was definitely the greatest figure Bhutan has ever produced for both his high stature in the Himalayan Buddhist world and the pervasive impact he had left through his teachings and lineage. His life and works continue to shape the lives of thousands of people around the world and defines the Bhutanese identity. He is Bhutan’s foremost cultural hero and spiritual father. He was an artist, architect, traveller, lama, writer, poet, negotiator and the head of a large family. His personality and life defies a simple description and explanation but his legacy continues to permeate the lives of all Bhutanese even today. He founded the Tamzhing temple and initiated important religious tradition and institutions. (Image from Bonbji family establishment)
ps02-tenzin-drakpalr Tenzin Drakpa alias Yenpa Lode (1536-97). Born in Ganla village in Nganlung, he was recognized as the incarnation of Pema Lingpa and taken to Bumthang and brought her the care of Pema Lingpa’s sons Drakpa Gyalpo, Koncho Zangpo and Dawa Gyaltshen. He studied under senior disciples of Pema Lingpa, notably Pal Dondup and Natshog Rangdrol. He travelled to Tibet and eventually died there in the temple of Dargye Choling, which was under his care. (Image from the Gangteng Lopdra temple)
ps03-tshultrim-dorjilr Tshultrim Dorji (1598-1669). A highly erudite monk, he was born in Nyemo in Tibet. He studied under many teachers including the first Gangteng Trulku Pema Thinley. As a leading lama and scholar, he was associated with many important figures in Tibet, had a large following and also met Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, who is said to have remarked that his erudition and eloquence would not exhaust even in a month. The title of Lhalung Sungtrul or speech incarnation of Lhalung would start from him. (Image from the Gangteng Lopdra temple)
ps04-kunzang-dorjilr Kunzang Dorji or Dorji Mikyo Tsal (1680-1723). He was born in Lhodrak Zabar and became a student of 4th Thugse Tenzin Gyurme Dorji and the teacher of 5th Thugse. In 1717, the Dzungar Mongol invasion swept across Tibet persecuting the Nyingma tradition. He was forced to escape to the hidden valley of Khenpalung on the Tibetan-Bhutanese frontiers, where he passed away aged 44 by local reckoning. (Image from the Gangteng Lopdra temple)
ps05-drubchog-dorji-from-prakharlr Drubchog Dorji alias Kunzang Tshewang (1725-1762). He was born in the family of the ruler of Lhodrak and died in Lhodrak Kharchu. The 5th Thugse Chogdrub Palbar recognized him as the incarnation of the 4th Pema Lingpa and took care of him. He traveled with his teacher in Bhutan and Tibet and met the political leaders of his day. (Image from Prakhar temple)
ps06-kunzang-tenpai-gyeltshen-from-prakharlr Kunzang Tenpai Gyaltshen (1763-1817). He was born in the Mon region in the modern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and passed away in Lhodrak Menthang. (Image from Prakhar temple)
PS07. Ngawang Chokyi LodoeLR Ngawang Chokyi Lodoe alias Pema Tenzin (1819-1842). He was both in the Zhalngo family of Prakhar in Bumthang and died in Lhalung monastery in Lhodrak.
PS08. Tenpai NyimaLR Kunzang Tenpai Nyima alias Kunzang Dechen Dorji (1843-1890). Born in the religious family of Tamshing, he was installed at Lhalung from a young age. His sister was married to Jigme Namgyal who became the ruler of Bhutan and later gave rise to the monarchy through his son Ugyen Wangchuk. Tenpai Nyima was involved in securing the power for his nephew and preparing for the rise of the monarchy in Bhutan. (Image from the Gangteng Lopdra temple)
PS09. Tenzin Chokyi GyeltshenLR Tenzin Chokyi Gyaltshen (1894-1925). He was a son of Choden, the sister of Ugyen Wangchuk, the first king of Bhutan. His mother was the nephew of the previous Peling Sungtrul. He died at the age of 32 in Lhodrak. (Image from the Gangteng Lopdra temple)
PS10. Thubten Chokyi DorjiLR Ngawang Chokyi Gyaltshen alias Thubten Chokyi Dorji (1930-1955). He was born in Yadrok and a tall, handsome and highly capable lama.  Unfortunately, he died young in 1955. (Image from the Gangteng Lopdra temple)
ps11-kunzang-rinchen-namgyal Kunzang Rinchen Namgyal (1968-current). He was born in the family of Pangtey and Prakhar in Bumthang. After education in Bhutan and India, he is currently the head of Drametse monastery. Photographer unknown.