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News and Networking Events

March 2024

The workshop "Water management in Inner Asia: human and non-human actors in placed-based approaches" took place alongside the Cambridge Festival on 15–16 March 2024

On day 2, a morning ritual of worshiping the Cam River water-beings was a special event. Members of the public at Coe Fen and some of the Cambridge Mongolian Speaking Society participated the ritual with their families and children.

The event was well attended both in person and online. Please follow this link for the CUSAS news item: Cambridge University Social Anthropology Society report and a report from the organisers can be found here


October 2023

Dr Sayana Namsaraeva presented at International Conference “The Mobility of Nomadic and Sedentary Peoples in the Margins of China: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives” (October 12-13, 2023, Sorbonne, Paris) with a paper on history of irrigation fields in Khalkiin gol valley, based on the Qing dynasty central government’ correspondence with Hulunbuir banner troops


April 2023

Resource Frontiers is delighted to announce that it is going to collaborate with the Institute for Mongolian Studies and the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, NUM. The Institute is hosting project researcher Dr. Joseph Bristley during his research period in Mongolia.

Dr. Bristley and Dr. Byambabaatar Ichinkhorloo will carry out joint research at Egiin Gol, Khalkha Gol and Lake Buir during summer 2023. MIASU and the Institute of Mongolian Studies, NUM look forward to this joint research and future collaborations including participation in project conferences.


March 2023

Dr Bristley was invited by Professor Altansukh Ochir, a member of the Project Advisory Group, to present the National University of Mongolia’s Department of Environment and Forest Engineering. His talk focused on his fieldwork-to-date, and the conceptual framing of his research in Mongolia.

Sayana presented at the 6th Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference with a paper titled “When ‘masters of water’ leave the spot: Innerasian cosmology of water and desertification from the Buddhist perspective”


January 2023

Dr Bristley was invited to present on ongoing project research at Geneva Water Hub, an international hydropolitics NGO in Switzerland.

Sayana presented on ongoing research project at River Cities as Method international network (IIAS, Leiden).


December 2022

Dr Namsaraeva, together with Ven. lama Zhargal Dugdanov (representative of religious NGO Buddhist Sangkha of Buryatia and a member of the Project Advisory Group) prepared 30 min radio programme in Buryat language to discuss environmental and water management issues of the Selenga and the Lake Baikal, as well as religious and common law practices to protect local water sources. The Programme was on air several times and received a good respond from the public. Link to the Radio Programme



During her fieldwork in Buryatia, Sayana presented a lecture at Department of Law, Buryat National University (Ulan-Ude), on perspectives of recognising the Selenge River as a legal subject. Participating in the VI-th International Conference on “Legal Culture of the Central Asian peoples: Traditions and Innovations” allowed to meet many of Buryat and Mongolian legal specialist on  traditional Mongolian common law, as well as to establish connections with specialist in the present environmental legislation.



Dr Bristley and Dr Namsaraeva were invited to present on ongoing project research at the Cambridge Mongolia Forum (December 2022). This practice-oriented event, jointly organized with the Embassy of Mongolia in the UK, brought together academic and policy making experts from Mongolia to discuss pressing issues and challenges faced by Mongolia


October 2022

The first meeting A Project Advisory Group was successfully held at Cambridge.