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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit


The project will result in the following concrete outcomes:

1. Data sets

The digital corpus of texts connected to the Pema Lingpa tradition is being compiled. Digital images of books from over fifteen different temple archives and private collections will be preserved in digital surrogates and also made available to monastic and lay user, scholars and researchers through the National Library and Archives of Bhutan and the British Library.

2. Catalogue

The digital collection of the books are accompanied by a searchable catalogue for all title directly connected to the Pema Lingpa tradition.

3. Searchable text

The entire corpus of the Pema Lingpa tradition of about 30 volumes including the treasure texts and writings of Pema Lingpa and the writings of his main followers will be reproduced in a text document, in both traditional poti format and plain text.

4. Website

A web portal giving comprehensive information about the Pema Lingpa tradition and the scope and work of the project.

5. Articles and papers

The researcher has already published four articles on the Pema Lingpa tradition and the processes of the project and presented one paper at a conference.

6. Books

The project plans to produce a number of books including an edited version of Pema Lingpa’s autobiography with a long introduction, a comprehensive history of Bhutan and the comprehensive account of the Pema Lingpa tradition. The first two are closer to publication and the third is in the process of being written.