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Map showing Chokyi Dronma's homeland, Mangyul-Gungthang, and the itinerary of here journeys as a royal bride from Gungthang to Shekar in Southern Lato; as a prospective nun from Shekar to Porong Palmo Choding monastery; as a yogini on her final journey from Gungthang to Chung Riwoche in Northern Lato, to Lhasa, and eventually to Tsari, where she died. The map includes the most important place names that appear in the biography.


Dzongkha, the capital of the Gungthang kingdom, with the ruins of the royal palace.



Shekar. The ruins of the palace of the Southern Lato rulers and the Shekar monastery overlook the village at the foot of the mountain.


Porong landscape with Mount Shishapangma seen from Palmo Choding Monastery

Yamdrog lake, from the Gampala pass. In the background is Nojin Gansang, the mountain god protecting the Yamdrog area