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Protests Over Changes in Bilingual Education Policy in the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region

Inner Mongolia, a hitherto quiet autonomous region of China, has hit the headlines due to China's forceful introduction of a new 'bilingual education' programme with an aim to phase out Mongolian medium teaching of three main humanities subjects - Language, Morals & Law, and History - over the next three years in Mongolian schools throughout the region. Introduced without official announcement in August 2020, these controversial changes have provoked widespread protest and debate. This development practically overhauls the country's Minority Nationality Education System. 

Inner Mongolia is a region where the Mongols are a minority, outnumbered by the Han Chinese by five to one, and Mongols are a transnational people. Inner Mongolia, which has received relatively little international academic attention to date, now requires more urgent and sustained studies. For news, original documents, and a list of academic sources on these developments, compiled by post-graduate students and post-doctoral associates, follow the links below.

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Original Documents (including translations) 

Relevant Academic Publications (COMING SOON)