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This project has depended on interaction and collaboration among people with different expertise, both at UK level (British Library, Oriental Institute in Oxford) and internationally.

Most important is the collaboration with academic institutions in the Tibet Autonomous Region such as the Tibetan Academy of Social Sciences and the Paltsek Research Institute in Lhasa as well as the collaboration with Buddhist scholars in Dharamsala (especially Tashi Tsering and Geshe Pema Dorje of the Bodong Research Institute). Collaboration with the Tibetan Buddhist Research Centre (TBRC), and Gene Smith in particular, has also proved invaluable as that with Prof Leonhard Van der Kujip (Harvard University) who provided a copy of the text of Chokyi Dronma's biography.

Interaction with other AHRC projects hosted at Cambridge has also provided the project with a valuable source of research information and help in tackling administrative problems as well as issues concerning digital archiving.