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This is a printing house located in the Gung thang area. This place was the residence of bo dong Chos dbang rgyal mtshan, who was also associated with Khyung rdzong dkar po, both places being very close. Kun gsal sGang po che prints identified so far range from 1523 to 1551. It seems that most works produced there are related to the bka’ gdams pa school, but bka’ brgyud, rnying ma and bo dong pa texts were also printed there so that we can call it an eclectic production. Most works belong to the genre of biographies.

Below, identified xylographs produced at Kun gsal sGang po che are listed and information on dating, literary genre and religious school with which they are associated is provided:

  1. rGyal ba yang dgon chos rje’i mgur ’bum yid bzhin nor bu (1523-24, spiritual songs, bka’ brgyud pa);
  2. rGyal ba yang dgon chos rje’i bka’ ’bum yid bzhin nor bu (1524, collected works, bka’ brgyud pa);
  3. Rig ‘dzin sprul sku mchog ldan mgon po’i rnam thar mgur ‘bum gyi smad cha rnams (1531, biography with songs, rnying ma pa);
  4.    Theg pa’i mchog rin po che’i mdzod (1533, rnying ma pa);
  5.    Jo bo rje lha gcig dpal ldan a ti sha’i rnam thar bla ma’i yon tan chos kyi ’byung gnas sogs bka’ gdams rin po che’i glegs bam (1538, biography, bka’ gdams pa);
  6. Jo bo rin po che rje dpal ldan a ti sha rnam thar rgyas pa yongs grags (1538, biography, bka’ gdams pa);
  7. dGe bshes ston pas mdzad pa’i glegs bam gyi bka’ rgya (1538, bka’ gdams pa);
  8. Zhus lan nor bu’i phreng ba lha chos bdun ldan gyi bla ma brgyud pa rnams kyi rnam thar (1538, biography, bka’ gdams pa);
  9. Jo bo yab sras kyi gsung bgros pha chos rin po che’i gter mdzod / byang chub sems dpa’i nor bu’i phreng ba rtsa ’grel sogs (1538, commentary, bka’ gdams pa);
  10. ‘Brom ston pa rgyal ba’i ’byung gnas kyi skyes rabs bka’ gdams bu chos le’u nyi shu pa (1539, biography, bka’ gdams pa);
  11. bKa’ rgya / khu chos gnyis / lung bstan / rdor glu / kha skong rnams (1539, bka’ gdams pa).
  12. mTshan ldan bla ma dam pa mnyam med chos dbang rgyal mtshan gyi rnam par thar pa / rin po che nor bu’i phreng ba(1551, biography, bo dong pa).