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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit


The map shows printing houses located in the Mang yul Gung thang and neighbouring areas as well as places that are relevant for this research such as monasteries, temples, other buildings and sites where the paper conservator took samples of paper plants. It is a Google map using custom markers. There is a legend which lists each of the markers and what they mean. There’s also a check-box beside each marker on the legend which lets you switch on and off all the markers on the map which are of that type. When you first load the map you see all the markers/points of interest. But if you want to switch off any marker, you in-tick the “tick-box” beside the markers on the legend. The markers on the map for those types will then be hidden. There are some pop-up information windows.

Currently data for the map points are in a particular type of file which the map viewer will fetch. The intention is that the map viewer will be opened from a link in the XML database which will send the data to the viewer. In this case the map may only show one place or perhaps that place and some other related places.

Currently there are over 50 places on the map.

To view the current map, click here.