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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit


Research themes include:

• Political formations in regional contexts of Inner Asia.

• The Book – Tibetan and Mongolian sacred books: text, technologies and transmission.

• The person, subject, individual and kinship in Inner Asian cultures.

• Cities and borders –  interfaces and interactions across political frontiers in Inner Asia.

• Pastoralism, land-use and climate change.

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Recently Awarded

Mongolian Cosmopolitical Heritage: Tracing Divergent Healing Practices Across the Mongolian-Chinese Border

In May 2020 this AHRC 4 year project has begun and seeks to ethnographically explore the mechanisms linking health and cultural heritage during the COVID-19 pandemic. More specifically, it aims to understand how the management of culture affects health-related practices by asking: in what ways do public administration and national constructions of culture shape practices that influence health and wellbeing?

Professor David Sneath (PI), Dr Elizabeth Turk, Dr Uranchimeg Ujeed