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The line starting from Pema Lingpa’s son Dawa Gyaltshen

pt01-thugse-dawa-from-prakharlr Dawa Gyaltshen (1499-1592?). One of the four/five sons of Pema Lingpa, he was considered to be an emanation of the horse headed deity Tadrin. He was a treasure revealer on his own right and enjoyed much reputation and respect among his milieu in Bhutan and Tibet. In Tibet, he was particularly well known for his rituals against Mongolian incursions. He appears to have married into the elite family of Chumey Zhalngo and started the temple establishment and religious family of Prakhar. (Image from Prakhar temple).
pt02-nyida-gyeltshen-from-prakharlr Nyida Gyeltshen (date not available). He was most likely born in Mangde region and started the family of Gagar Choje. He was student of Tenzin Drakpa, the incarnation of Pema Lingpa. (Image from Prakhar Temple).
pt03-nyida-longyang-from-prakharlr Nyida Longyang (date not available). He was most likely born in Bumthang but is said to have died at a young age of four. (Image from Prakhar Temple).
pt04-tenzin-gyurme-dorjilr Tenzin Gyurme Dorji (1641-1700). He was born in Tangsibi, Bumthang and was a student of the Peling Sungtrul Tshultrim Dorji. He shared close ties with the 5th Dalai Lama of Tibet and it was during his time that the temple estate of Lhalung was granted to the Pema Lingpa incarnations. (Image from Gangteng Lopdra temple).
pt05-chogdrub-palbar-from-prakharlr Chogdrub Palbar (1701-1755). Born in Nyemo, Chogdrub Palbar was a renowned scholarly monastic leader in his days. Travelling between Bhutan and Tibet, except when his travels were deterred by the Tibet-Bhutan conflicts, the 5th Thugse had a large following on both sides of the watershed. He enjoyed good relations with the political leaders of both countries and was the main master of both the 5th Sungtrul and 3rd Gangteng Trulku. (Image from Prakhar temple).
pt06-chokyi-nyima-from-prakharlr Tenzin Choki Nyima (1756-1773). He was born in the religious family of Prakhar which started with the 1st Thugse Dawa Gyaltshen. (Image from Prakhar temple).
pt07-or-08-pema-chowanglr Kunzang Gyurme Dorji (1777-1825). The 7th Thugse was born in and aristocratic family in the area of Samye, the first monastery of Tibet in the Yarlung valley. (Image from Gangteng Lopdra temple).
pt07-or-08-pema-khyabdaglr Kunzang Zilnon Zhedpatsal (b.1827). Nothing is known about him. It seems there was one other 8th Thugse claimant in Dorji Drak with the name Tenzin Ngawang Thinley. (Image from Gangteng Lopdra temple).
pt09-thubten-gyaltshen-maybe-from-prakharlr Gyurme Pema Kunzang alias Thubten Gyaltshen (1906-1939/40). He was born in the religious family of Ogyen Choling which claimed its descent from the treasure discoverer Dorji Lingpa. This incarnation failed to retain his monastic vows and as a consequence had to forsake the principal post of Lhalung monastery in favour of young Sungtrul. It also appears that young son of Khamsum Yongdrol was recognized as the 9th Thugse but the child died before Gyurme Pema Kunzang was born. (Image from Prakhar temple).
pt10-thegchog-tenpai-gyeltshen Thegchog Tenpai Gyeltshen (1951-2010). The 10th Thugse was born in Dranang in Tibet. As a child, he left a footprint and he received official recognition from the 14th Dalai Lama. He was installed on the throne of Lhalung at the age of 7 and studied there until 1959 when he left for Bhutan after the Communist occupation of Tibet. He spent the rest of his life in Bhutan as a highly revered but humble monk and passed away in Thimphu, Bhutan.