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Mongolian research sites


Research will focus on two key areas. The first is the river basin of the river Selenga, which is fed by several important tributaries (including the Delgermörön, Eg, and Ider) rising in northern Mongolia. The Selenga, the only navigable river in the country, flows across northern Mongolia before entering the Russian Federation. Research in this region will examine how the river is used in daily life by pastoralists, fishers, and religious practitioners. The second research site is Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city. Research in Ulaanbaatar will focus on the formulation of national policy regarding the governance of the Selenga. It will focus on domestic concerns with developing sustainable hydroelectricity projects in the Selenga basin. It will also examine Mongolia’s international legal obligations as an ‘upper riparian’ state vis-à-vis the Selenga. Dr Bristley will carry out fieldwork in Mongolia in 2023.