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Welcome to our Project Team page. The team is listed in two groups. The first are the project interviewers, the heart of The Oral History of Twentieth Century Mongolia. The second is the staff at Cambridge and in the US.


Some interviewers have provided a brief biography of themselves. If they have, clicking on their name will call up their biography. From there you can get a list of the interviews they have conducted. For the others, clicking on their name will call up the list of their interviews.




The list is in roughly the order the team came to work for us.



Cambridge and international staff


Translators and others

A number of other people have worked on the project, such as translators, keyworders and editors. They include, in alphabetical order:


  • S. Batchimeg - Translator
  • Jennifer Bowden - Editor
  • S. Buljinkhlam - Keywords / Summaries
  • Anna Clayton - Editor
  • Z. Erendoo - Translator
  • W. Ganga - Translator
  • John McNaught - Editor
  • Ts. Nyamsuren - Translator
  • B. Oyun - Translator
  • Susie Peachey - Editor
  • Nicole Robertson - Editor
  • Sh. Tuya - Translator