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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit

  • Reader
  • Director of the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit
  • MRes and PhD Pre-Field Tutor for Department of Social Anthropology
  • Fellow, Corpus Christi


Inner and central Asia; representations of past and present 'nomadic' steppe society; aristocracy and the state; mobile pastoralism; land use and the environment; decollectivisation and post-socialist social transformations; political culture and economic institutions in Inner Asia; the anthropology of development.

My most recent research explores the representations of steppe societies in social and historical studies, and the political economy and ecology of Mongolia and the Inner Asia. I am also working on a text concerned with revisionist readings of classical anthropological texts in the light of post-Weberian theories of power, with a particular interest in the ways in which the legacy of evolutionist thought directed the discipline away from examining aristocracy as a comparative frame for social analysis.  I am also involved in a project titled ‘Pathways to understanding the changing climate: time and place in cultural learning about the environment,’ collaborating with educationalists and anthropologists working in a range of locations including Inner Asia and the UK to try and develop a new comparative approach to understanding perceptions of environmental change.