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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit


Dr Elizabeth Fox is an anthropologist and researcher of Mongolia. Focussed mainly on Ulaanbaatar, her research has covered circus contortionists, cashmere factory workers, street-level bureaucrats, and ger district residents. Her doctoral thesis 'Between Iron and Coal: Enacting Kinship, Bureaucracy and Infrastructure in the Ger Districts of Ulaanbaatar' (UCL, 2019) was based on long term fieldwork in the outskirts of Mongolia's capital and constitutes one of the first book-length anthropological studies of life in these areas. Her postdoctoral research builds on the questions raised in her thesis about the role of meat in contemporary Mongolia, interrogating its potential as a material index of social, political and economic change. Now a Research Associate, she is working with fellow MIASU-members Prof Bulag and Dr White on their new ESRC-funded project: Trading Mongolia’s Sovereign Meat: the Social Transformations and Everyday Geopolitics of the ‘Livestock Revolution’.



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