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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit





Girton College, Cambridge, 1962-5.;
B.A. Social Anthropology 1965;
M.A 1971 Leeds University, 1970. Diploma in Mongolian Studies (with distinction);
1971. M.A. in Mongolian Studies University of Cambridge,
1973. Ph.D. in Social Anthropology. Title of dissertation, "Magical Drawings in the Religion of the Buryat".


Research Fellow, Girton College, Cambridge, 1971-4;
Official Fellow, Girton College, 1974-5
Senior Assistant in Research, Cambridge University (Scott Polar Research Institute),
University Assistant Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology, Cambridge University, 1978-83
Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology, Cambridge University 1983-95 Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, 1978- ;
Director of Studies in Arch. & Anth. 1984-9; 1992-6.
University Reader in Asian Anthropology, University of Cambridge, 1995-8 University Professor of Asian Anthropology, 1998-2006
Rausing Professorship of Collaborative Anthropology, 2006–2010
Voluntary Director of Research, 2010-


USSR (Siberia) 1996-7, 1975, 1990; 1996;
Nepal 1979-80; India 1981-2, 1985;
Mongolia: 1970, 1972-3, 1990, 1993, 1996; 2003;
China (Inner Mongolia): 1988, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 Uzbekistan: 2005
Ukraine: 2006, 2007, 2009.


1966 Anthony Wilkin Studentship (Cambridge)
1973 The Curl Lecture (Royal Anthropological Institute, London.
1985 The Ward Lecture (Oxford University)
1990 J. I. Staley Prize in Anthropology (School of American Research), awarded for my book Karl Marx Collective
1990-1992 British Academy Research Readership
1992 Visiting Fellowship, Institute for the Humanities, University of Michigan USA 1992 The Marret Memorial Lecture, Exeter College, Oxford
1993 Presentation Medal, University of Helsinki
1993 Distinguished Lecture at European section of American Anthop. Association 1994 Plenary Address to European Association of Social Anthropology Conference, Oslo
1995 Honorary Professorship, Inner Mongolia Normal University, Hohhot, P. R. China.
1996 The Munro Lecture, University of Edinburgh 1996 Visiting Professor, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Sorbonne, Paris
1998 Fellow, The British Academy
1999 The Gluckman Lecture, Manchester
1999 The Rivers Memorial Medal, Royal Anthropological Institute, London
2000 Visiting Professor, University of Michigan, U.S.A.
2002 Centennial Lecture, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
2002 Honorary Professorship, Inner Mongolia University, Huhhot, P.R.China.
2002 The Heldt Prize (American Assoc. for Women in Slavic Studies)
2003 Diploma of Honour, International Association of Mongolian Studies, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2003 Honorary Doctorate, National University of Mongolia.
2004 Member, American Philosophical Society
2004 Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques, France
2007 Member, Academia Europa
2008 Henry Allen Poe Prize for the Humanities, American Philosophical Society


•Assessor, British Council Postgraduate Studentships for Mongolia (1980-9)
•Editorial Boards of journals: History and Anthropology, 1988-; Man, 1989-92; Journal of Human Ecology (Delhi) 1989-; Anthropology Today (London) 1985-91; Central Asian Survey (London) 1992- ; Vestnik Evrazii (Moscow), 1995-2010 ; Inner Asia (Cambridge), 1996- ; Focaal (Netherlands) 2000-; Anthropological Theory 2001-; Material Culture 2001- ; Mongolian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ulaanbaatar 2003-; Humanities Research (Australia) 2005-9 - •Editorial board of academic series: O.U. P., Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology, 1990-2001; Brill (Leiden) Asia Mongograph Series, 2001-

•Member of research assessment panel, (Global Security), SSRC, New York 1991 - •Consultant Common Security Forum, (Cambridge, Harvard, New Delhi, Moscow), 1992-
• Syndic of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 1992-
•Trustee of the East Asian History of Science Trust, Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, 1993-8 -
•Advisory Committee, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, •1993-8 - Assessor for anthropology, HEFCE teaching assessment, 1994-5 -
• British Academy Overseas Policy Committee, 1999-2002; British Academy BASIS Cttee: 2002- -
• Eurasian Regional Advisory Panel, SSRC, New York, 2000- -
• International advisory committees for Institutions: Humanities Research (Australia), 1997-10; -
• Scientific Advisory Committee, Max-Planck Institute for Anthropology, (Halle, Germany) 2001-6 -
• Management Committee SSRC, New York 2008-


I have supervised forty-two completed Ph.Ds at Cambridge. Of these, around half currently hold teaching posts at universities in Britain and internationally. I am currently supervising a further 12 Ph.D. students.


Anthony Wilkin Studentship, 1965-6; S.S.R.C. State Studentship, 1965-8; British Council Exchange Studentship in USSR 1966-7; Mongolia 1972 and 1974-5; Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research (NewYork), 1968-9; 1969-70; 1970-71; O.D.A., 1979-80; Smuts Memorial Fund, 1981-2; Nuffield Foundation, 1982; British Academy, 1987; 2000; Isaac Newton Trust (Cambridge), 1992-5; 1995-9; 2000-; MacArthur Foundation (Chicago), 1991-5; 1999; EC Joint Research Centre for Remote Sensing Applications (Italy), 1994-5; World Conservation Monitoring Centre (Cambridge), 1995-9; Leverhulme Foundation, 1995-8 1999-; McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, 1998;1999; 2000; 2002; the British Academy, 2003; Ford Foundation 2004. AHRC 2005; Isaac Newton Memorial Trust 2005. AHRC: 2006-9; ESRC 2009-11.


Colloquium on 'The Jain Community', (with Dr. M. Carrithers), Centre for South Asian Studies, Cambridge University, 1985 Conference on 'Shamanism and the State', (with Dr. N. Thomas), held at King's College, Cambridge, October 1989. Conference on 'Barter and De-Monetisation in Post-Socialist Economies' (with Dr. A. Ledeneva and Dr. P Seabright), Cambridge, Dec 1998


Lecturing and examining for all three years of the Tripos and all graduate courses in Social Anthropology; undergraduate supervision for King's and numerous other Colleges; external undergraduate examining for U.C.L. and S.O.A.S; external Ph.D. examinations for Oxford, Edinburgh, LSE, UCL, Goldsmiths, Oslo. Faculty Board and Degree Committee of Archaeology and Anthropology; Appointments Committees of Arch & Anth, Scott Polar Research Institute, and Fitzwilliam Museum; General Board Representative on Promotions Committees of Faculties of Law and History (2000), Music and Oriental Studies (2002); University Appeals Committee ‘B’’, 2001. Acting Head of Department of Social Anthropology 4 months 1998-9; Head of Department of Social Anthropology, 2001- Head of Department of Social Anthropology, 2001 - 5. Retired: October 2010 and took up University of Cambridge contract as Voluntary Research Director.


Documentary film on the Jains of Jaipur, 1985; anthropologist for Granada T.V. documentary on the yak-herders of Mongun-Taiga (Tuva, USSR), 1989; consultant for social aspects of environment protection program in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, 1998; consultant for UNESCO cultural heritage project in Inner Mongolia (China), 1998-; invited submission to Parliamentary Select Committee on human rights in China, 2000; consultant to political monitoring committee for Eastern Siberia (based in Irkutsk), 2001-; consultant for grassland environmental project in Qinghai, China, FFI, 2002-5.

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