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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit


Yang Cheng is a Deputy Director of Centre for Russian Studies, School of Advanced International and Area Studies, East China Normal University, China. He has served seven years in Chinese Embassy to Moscow as a diplomat and actively involved in decision-making advisory service. Dr. Yang focuses on Chinese relations with Russia and new states of the Post-Soviet Central Asia to compare their foreign policy toward China.


Key publications: 

2014. The Eurasian moment in global politics: a comparative analysis of great power strategies for regional integration, in Eurasian Integration – The View from Within, edited by Dutkiewicz and Richard Sakwa. Routledge: Abingdon.

2015. Do national policies contribute to regional cross-border integration? The case of the Program of Cooperation between the Northeast China and Russia’s Far East and Eastern Siberia (2009 to 2018), in International Cooperation and Development of Russia’s Siberia and Far East, edited by
Jing Huang and Alexander Korolev. Palgrave Macmillan

2015. Strukturkrise und Neuanfang: Russlandforschung in China, Osteuropa 5-6/2015, pp.149-168

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Research Projects: