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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit



Terigele Teneg is a research associate at the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit and a postdoctoral research assistant at the University of Central Lancashire.  


2021 Ph.D  Translation Studies Queen’s University Belfast  

2015  MA.   Translation Studies  Cardiff University  

2011 B.A     Mongolian Language and Literature Minzu University of China  


My research interests are contemporary minority language policy and language rights in multi-ethnic states. My primary focus is the evaluation of the impact of language policy on education, employment, and language future. My most recent research between 2017 to 2021 reviewed the People’s Republic of China’s Constitution to investigate the situation of the Mongolian language shift from the perspective of language policy. The aim of the research was to assess the significance of a state-sponsored language policy on minority language practice and survival. I am also interested in translation and minority, lesser-used and lesser translated languages, and cultures, as well as the examination of translation policies and technologies to address longstanding issues of marginalisation, stigmatisation, and misrepresentation within diverse aspects of minority language translation activities.  


I will be initiating a new project on assessing the current use of the Mongolian language outside the country of Mongolia where the language is not privileged. The research takes Mongolian language planning as a whole, breaks the national boundary, to review language planning in different speaking areas of Mongolian in different states which has not yet been done in any previous works.  


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