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Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit


As a result of a generous donation from the Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Joe Ellis as its first Early-Career Postdoctoral Fellow.

The post runs for four years.

As well as playing a full role in the MIASU’s research activities and contributing to the teaching of the Department, Joe will be consolidating his research and expanding to new areas as part of an overarching new project provisionally named 'The Political Lives of Mongolian Concepts'. Through a study of concepts of the environment, ethnicity and relatedness as they exist in the West of Mongolia, he will seek both to describe these ideas in their own terms and to track how they are formed and drawn upon by power. The site of study is thus more precisely the 'contact point' whereby concepts we describe as academics come to have political effects in the Mongolia and the Inner Asian region as a whole. The research is designed to develop tools for thinking that simultaneously produce insights into the understudied Western Mongolian cultural region and enshrines the conceptual innovation, vibrancy and critical edge that has characterised the unit throughout its history.